Biguanid Fläche N

Biguanid Fläche N
• aldehyde-free preparation with good cleaning power
• tuberculocidal, effective against Noro viruses
• pleasant scentBiguanid Fläche N is an aldehyde-free and phenol-free concentrate for disinfection and cleaning of medical devices such as respiratory masks and incubators, medical inventory as well as all kinds of surfaces. It is also suitable for use as an alcohol-free rapid disinfectant, e.g. for disinfection of bath tubs.
Biguanid Fläche N is certified acc. to DVG-guidelines for disinfection purposes in all areas of the food industry and in canteen kitchens.
The product is comprehensively effective against viruses incl. Noro viruses and is tuberculocidal.
Certified and tested according to VAH/DGHM- as well as ÖGHMP-guidelines.
Conforms to the EU Biocides Directive.