Desomedan ID-Medical Instrument Disinfectant

Desomedan ID aldehyde-free medical instrument disinfectant


Desomedan ID is an aldehyde-free concentrate for both cleaning and disinfection of medical instruments.


Features of Desomedan ID:

  • Neutral fragrance
  • Very low allergy risk
  • Effective against MRSA
  • Gentle to instrument material


Some advantages of Desomedan ID:

  • Wide spectrum of action
  • Extremely easy and quick to use
  • Contains agents that protect from corrosion
  • Aldehyde formula prevents protein fixation


Desomedan ID’s spectrum of action:

  • Bactericidal (including MRSA)
  • Tuberculocidal
  • Fungicidal and effective against Candida albicans
  • Effective against enveloped viruses (including HIV, HCV and HBV)
  • Effective against unenveloped viruses (adenovirus, papovavirus and poliovirus at 50°C)


Desomedan ID is suitable for cleaning and disinfection of surgical instruments, anaesthetic equipment, rigid and flexible endoscopes as well as for preliminary cleaning and disinfection compliant with RKI (Robert Koch Institute) recommendations. Desomedan ID can be used for manual instrument disinfection, as well as in circulation cleaning and with ultrasonic cleaners.

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