Desomed Rapid AF surface disinfectant

Desomed Rapid AF surface disinfectant

Desomed Rapid AF is a ready-to-use, entirely aldehyde-free spray disinfectant with lemon scent, which is ethanol-based and provides effective and rapid disinfection of small surfaces. Rapid AF Desomed surface disinfectant has very good material compatibility and is suitable for use on plastics.

Spectrum of activity

  • Bactericide (including MRSA)
  • Tuberculocide
  • Fungicide (C. albicans), yeasticide
  • Limited virucide (effective against enveloped viruses including HBV/HIV/HCV)
  • Effective against non-enveloped viruses (adenoviruses, noroviruses, rotaviruses)


Product notes

Use disinfectants safely: always read the label and product information prior to use! Can also be applied without spraying.
Desomed Rapid AF surface disinfectant is an ideal solution for hospitals, medical practices and care facilities where surfaces or medical devices need to be disinfected and ready to use again after a short turnaround time. The surface disinfectant has a pleasant fragrance and also a wide spectrum of activity. Because it has an aldehyde-free formula, there is almost no chance of discolouration after using Desomed Rapid AF surface disinfectant.


Completely wet the surface to be disinfected with the Desomed surface disinfectant; surfaces must be kept moist for the duration of exposure. After the exposure time, the surfaces can be wiped dry.

Suitable for:

  • In accordance with the Medical Devices Directive: disinfection and cleaning of medical devices.
  • In accordance with the Biocidal Products Directive: disinfection and cleaning of surfaces and medical equipment.



  • Treatment tables in doctors’ surgeries or dental practices
  • Supplies trolleys / ward care trolleys
  • Contaminated surfaces
  • Medical devices such as stethoscopes and blood pressure cuffs

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