Perfektan Endo
Disinfectant for instruments and endoscopes
• aldehyde-free preparation with good cleaning properties
• high material compatibility
• comprehensive virucidal efficacy

Perfektan® Endo is an aldehyde- and phenol-free liquid concentrate for instrument disinfection and cleaning. It combines strong cleaning power with a high degree of material compatibility and effective corrosion inhibition. Suitable for use in ultrasonic baths.

Perfektan® Endo is ideally suited for endoscope reprocessing and is manufacturer-approved for use with endoscopes by Storz, Olympus Winter & Ibe and Wolf.
Due to its strong cleaning power disinfection and cleaning can be performed in one step. Protein fixation is prevented by the aldehyde-free formulation in compliance with the RKI (Robert Koch Institute) guidelines for instrument reprocessing. In respect of staff safety, no pre-cleaning is necessary before disinfection.